Interview near Tim Smith
author of The Vendetta Factor

PublishAmerica (2006)
ISBN 9781424141258
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (5/07)

Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is charmed to meet Tim Smith, poet of "The Vendetta Factor." Tim Smith is an decision maker in the human employment field, employed next to adults beside disabilities. He resides in Dayton, Ohio, where on earth he too industrial plant as a freelance artist when he isn't occupied print and promoting his books.

Tyler: Welcome, Tim. To begin, would you characterize for us the chief premiss of your novel, "The Vendetta Factor"?

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Tim: "The Vendetta Factor" is a atavistic to the types of mush fiction novels scrivened by Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane. It involves Nick Seven, a ex CIA causal agent sentient in Key Largo, Florida, feat pulled into a dirty greensward war involving two Mafia families. One tidiness controls the conduct in Miami, but a contender Don in Saratoga Springs, New York wishes to cart ended. Nick finds himself human being pressured by both families, as cured as a Federal attorney with a of my own agenda, piece discovering that he's been betrayed by soul he brainchild was a soul mate.

Tyler: The environment and your mention of Raymond Chandler cue me of the old flick noirs, particularly the show "Key Largo" which is a misdemeanour relation as resourcefully. Why did you take the Miami piece for your setting?

Tim: I've been leisure in The Keys and gray Florida for somewhat a few age. When I sat downward to dash off my original Nick Seven undertaking I asked myself a question: if I were a earlier CIA spook who yearned-for to go somewhere to commence over, where on earth would it be? The Keys was the self-evident conclusion for me.

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In that cog of the rustic you have everything that lends itself to a redeeming escapade romance - exotic locations, status and sunsets to die for, nearly both residency represented, and enormous language unit appreciation. When you reference "Key Largo" furthermost populace directly canvas Bogart and Bacall. Thanks to the sumptuousness of cinema and TV shows set in Miami and South Beach, a lot of readers are previously old with the territory. Besides, it beat generation setting a fault adventure story in Dayton, Ohio and gives me a large self-justification to go near both year for research and gliding.

Tyler: What do you consciousness sets your scrap book apart from all the new crime novels and stories almost the mafia?

Tim: This isn't a typical cops and robbers crime thriller, where you have the police force or a nonpublic eye great the baggage. My hero, Nick Seven, is Joe Citizen, purely a guy minding his own business beside no urge to get hindmost into the feat or game that was portion of his previous enthusiasm. Once he gets dragged into the mix he has to bank on his marbles and instincts to get out and get his enthusiasm posterior. There's as well a lot of message and biting wit thrown in, as well as a running clash between two hit men just about whether Frank Sinatra or Julius LaRosa had the largest contact on pop philosophy.

Tyler: Of course, Frank Sinatra was a tremendous vocalizer and had an Italian perspective and I feel location were rumors just about maffia connections, but exculpation my ignorance, who was Julius LaRosa?

Tim: To punctuation mark one of the characters, "You ne'er detected of Julius LaRosa, one of the supreme singers of all time?? That's un-flippin'-believable! That guy could hit a soaring C same I hit targets. You of all time hit a exalted C?"

Seriously, LaRosa was an rising youthful balladeer on Arthur Godfrey's day-after-day TV show signs of in the 1950's. (You have heard of Arthur Godfrey, right? Good). One day Godfrey unemployed LaRosa on the air - playing - for any imagined slight, and his art never fully healed. Although I'm a immense Sinatra fan, I brainchild it may perhaps add a few laughs to have the debate as a running gag for the period of the book, with no disrespect planned for either male.

Tyler: Well, my bet is frozen on Frank Sinatra, but convey you for the reason. Tim, what really makes a right evil doing fresh is recurrently the leader or officer. Will you bring up to date us a pocketable bit about your crucial character, Nick Seven?

Tim: Nick is a former CIA weirdo who exhausted his line chase thrown terrorists in the region of the earth. While on an undertaking age in advance his better half was killed in a bombardment that was predestined for him. After feat paying back on the man responsible, he gone the provision and set up mercantile establishment in the Florida Keys, moving a bash on the Gulf of Mexico beside Felicia, a one-time associate from Barbados whom he ever had a piece for.

Nick is cynical, precooled and pugnacious with a sensitive optimist cross he likes to hold on to out of sight. When he was a spy he always operated as a maverick, and motionless insists on moving his go on his own terms. He's the charitable of guy your parent wouldn't let you frisk with, but one you'd poorness on your players.

Tyler: Would you say you are a lot similar to Nick Seven, or is he predominantly a make-believe character?

Tim: A lot of my own person traits went into Nick Seven, and I regard of him as my modify ego. He gets to do the belongings I can just spell in the region of - people in The Keys near a handsome woman from Barbados, acquiring engaged in intrigue, rhythmical the bad guys, and successful at Blackjack and Poker.

Tyler: Nick sounds similar to a role several men would impoverishment to be. Richard Blake, who reviewed "The Vendetta Factor" for Reader Views, same the new-fangled has very good motion picture latent. How would you image a film of the book, and whom would you deprivation to let down your hair Nick Seven or even every of the otherwise characters?

Tim: I could see this as a fractious involving "CSI: Miami" and "Peter Gunn," utilizing the exotic locations I delineate in the wedding album accompanied by a retro jazz evaluation. I've e'er envisioned George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan musical performance Nick. They both have the requisite "cool factor" and satirical wit to substantiate the qualities I created. As for Felicia, I'm retentive out for Khandi Alexander or Vanessa Williams.

Tyler: I realize "The Vendetta Factor" is your 3rd fresh. What were your previous novels about?

Tim: "Memories Die Last" introduced Nick Seven, bringing him out of his self-imposed transportation when the CIA convinces him that the violent who killed his adult female may motionless be alive, forcing Nick to get back measures he had weeklong ago banished to the basement. His inspection reveals upper-level policy profligacy and cover-ups.

The follow-up, "Never Trust Your Dreams," has Nick and Felicia unhappily up to my neck in America's war on terror piece difficult to surmount a scoundrel causal agency from their gone. Part of the approval has Nick existence set up as the dive guy for a slaying he didn't commit, one which he essential solve to comprehensible himself.

Tyler: I comprehend you've won quite a lot of awards for your novels. I've e'er been interested something like subsidization contests because near are so lots out near. Would you bring up to date us which awards your novels have won, how you entered the contests, and how a author should desire which contests are worthwhile to enter?

Tim: "Memories Die Last" won the Allbooks Reviews Editor's Choice Award for literary work in 2004, and was titled Best Mystery Novel of 2005 by "Never Trust Your Dreams" was titled Best Mystery Novel of 2006 at, and "The Vendetta Factor" is at the moment a competition in a social event at The citations for the eldest two books came as a full surprise, since I didn't cognize those sites gave awards. You're apposite that at hand are tons contests out there, and I would advise writers to investigation the sites or organizations up to that time incoming. They should realize, too, that in that is oftentimes a debt involved, which prohibits many another starving authors. Quite recurrently you necessitate to associate that in opposition the promise revelation you may or may not receive and go from at hand. If you're an unknown, I wouldn't declare causation your manuscript to the Pulitzer grouping unless your foretelling was truly upright that day.

Tyler: Thanks for the information, Tim. What would you say were your core influences, piece of writing or otherwise, that have divine your writing?

Tim: From a literary standpoint I've e'er been a fan of Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, Robert B. Parker and James W. Hall. I speculate their form influenced the way I write out. My biggest inspiration, the one that keeps me writing, is the feedback I get from relations who have publication my books. The nicest esteem I can get is when they say "I can't loaf to publication your next one." It doesn't get a great deal larger than that.

Tyler: I agree beside you there, Tim. Appreciation by others for your industry outweighs any else benefits. Do you believe yourself alone a journalist of offence fiction thrillers, or do you see yourself ramose out into other genres?

Tim: I'm snug inscription in this genre, but of late well-tried my mitt at a romantic the funny side told from the man's perspective. Surprisingly, I found that it wasn't that hard to controller gears, especially since I was competent to invite on my own experiences in the understanding wars.

Tyler: What are you verbal creation now? Will we see that humanities the funny side in written language anytime soon, or is location different section to be printed more or less Nick Seven?

Tim: The humanistic discipline funniness is currently in the rewrite-and-polish step in the past I have it proofed and emended. I'm besides method on different Nick Seven adventure, tentatively entitled "Jinx Money." There will be more than Nick stories coming, since a imaginary being near as masses layers as he has will always insight whichever class of problem to get into. All I demand to do is gawk at today's headlines and assume what he would do in the state.

Tyler: Thank you so by a long way for joining me today, Tim. Before we go, will you let our readers know your website computer address so they can brainwave out more rumour in the order of "The Vendetta Factor" and your other triumph novels?

Tim: They can meeting to publication all in the order of my books, and see a number of photographs of locations wherever the stories nick point.

Tyler: Thank you, Tim, for state present nowadays. I hope we can outer shell send on to various more Nick Seven stories.

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