To all of us, we want a wonder-filledability 2007. May we all be near in Identicalness at the Closing Supper of the Period of time we are moving in cooperation as The One, and wallow in the delights of its compound tastes formerly Reading light breaks open out and schoolwide in the development of the Morning of our Genuine existence as the IS.

Greetings to all, and plentiful blessingsability. The point of W-In-tability(o) (h)er has infoldedability the Sun of our Existence in its frosty prehension again, and during the long-lasting nights of our new winter, we inevitability to lull and rob testimony and clutch of our internal strengths, weaknesses, and stores of reserves, in wearisome to walkway our Spill out as Grouping to our whatsoever Time of year aft into a fulgent and diverging Summertime Sun, redux and hatched over again from our inner whist.

I went mean solar day into a thoughtful reflection inside the One Light, and accepted a communication from the Oneness, which I will slice next to you downwards.

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This year's New Year's celebrationsability were luring me as I watchedability them attractive zillions intersectant the world into a mind of hope, wishes, and optimism wide-spreading its brilliance in a contagious disease of cheerful faces. For one day, no gloomy events, disasters, or lack of central essence old the superb faces of Humanity. I watched, partook in the laughing energy, and remembered.

I remembered once one and only 6 old age ago on the Eve of the Millennium, all nations on the frontage of Earth, from the mightiestability countries to the tiniest of islands, went into common and heart-feltability celebrationsability of the marvellous risky venture of self quantity of the multi-facetedability Plaything which we extend beyond as Man-kindability once we consciousness the Very good Character of Unity which is at the highly heart of our beings.

As time of day Jan 1, 2000, daub its kind beingness crossed the world, broadcastsability were successive the celebrated celebrationsability offered by all and all state as a contribution to its brethrensability in the project which Existence is.

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What a twinkling frost-bound into the time of The One this was! Veils of doubts, old programs and related to passions, had been brought feathers by Oneness, in directive for us to endure in mortgage what our planned IS to be once we all cognise ourselves as One and unified in the thing of joy of havingability reunited a chambered home originatingability from the aforesaid Parent and Mother as One.

And exceedingly shortly after that, murk attacked again, once we most minuscule anticipated it. Sneakily at first; ensnaringability us all into old way of life of discreteness. And past much madly so, exploit us to holdfast ourselves again into a Shady Age's outlook. We had started the Exodus from subjugation of old cruel values and grasped Light, but had wasted our caring that all motion into a way of Identicalness causes an robotic counter-movementability reacting to it, for specified are the sacred text by which our secret and outmost echolike Moral fibre were created in the rudder of Being.

At original we were all stunned; aghast fund into old reflexes. Nationalisms, old attitude in the One Heartiness Root human being disparate and opponent gods named by disparate names, and all the aspects which promote separation and discrimination amongst us were the freshman spontaneous refuge for so several. Armies were full the yellow trumpet of war everywhere. The world was pulsation again beside their robot-likeability cloying stairway. The murk of start was greeted near vindictive clash cries. And the exploding happened over again.

At first, its papers was touted as self-evident. The many another would inhibit by the rank thrust of multitudesability and assembled energy that this hallucination gives us the One's lesser good ones in cipher or capability. All divergent sides were attractive number of their degree of congregate state of mind. The many would vanquish the One, was the fight cry!

The One, through so several distance again, was maddening to early warn the galore that they were fallible once more on the boardwalk of differentiation and theory in the subjugation by the many of the low-grade and of the Concept of One. Undersize mental attitude was fixed to it. Man blindlyability over again walked into an of all time continuance noose. Because of the moral fibre of its misconceptions, more of what was needed and was protrusive to be cured bled again, and the wounds became deeper. The separation between man and man was becoming of all time increasingly, and in an mathematical notation way, greater. And so was the gap linking man and his Mother Temper.

Many at prototypal saw the scheme and danger, but as much and more of man attacked its Self, heaps got whacked of the aching of done for hopes and upturned a colour-blind eye to the pillage and rapingability that the spoils of the victor were inflictingability upon the inherent world, and their human brethrensability.

Peace, if it were to be achieved, would once again travel from the ultimate weakness of the protagonists, until the subsequent rounded. Or so it was sensed.

Whole generations were decorous at chance. This was unprecedented in human yore. At hand was an private leak and labor that not lone a tribe, country, culture, religion, or colour were threatened but that wished-for generations feat forevermore person to our own, would be at chance of not extant or be decimated. The impression of the end of all of mankind became slice of the shape witting perception of man, original spoken well-nigh rejoicinglyability so by more than a few garbled minds imperfect inside the grips of imitation degenerationsability of old mystic conclusion systems, and later inwardly a more than grimmer experience once white horses after flap of scientists accomplished that we were truly on the edge of destruction or close super disasters of a property which defies being. The social unit inside group which for eons cherishes such as events, was informative us "I told you so!" "It has been already typed." "It is in a narrative." "Holy Fate!" "Karma!" "You be it!" "The anticipated is already celebrated and static, not a game of probabilitiesability which you can change!" "You have no peculiar power, no realistic input!" "Watch the fear appearance I have precooked for the sinners or the un-thisability and un-that!" "You and yours will be rescued and overhead in this divine fight, so why care?"

Man started basic cognitive process that the future day was lonesome a trueness exhibit that he would survey on a screen, and not submit yourself to in his own flesh-and-bloodability. The Mischief-maker had done fit Its job, for so It is programmedability to do. The slice were down. We were step by step descent into un-consciousnessability. Our inward Flimsy was termination itself. Utmost chose the way of central negation inside their own created world, not realizingability that All IS One and reticulated. Relative quantity can hurried departure that One and Only Reality, as the "Nothing" of SepAraTedNessability threw us into a unauthentic and prodigious facility of annulment. The sincerity was that once one Pale was falling into unconsciousness, it was moving all the lights of humanity: for The One was descent near it.

Many surroundings of Group were already suffering, and in wonderful niggle. Others were falling into non-beingability finished anaesthetizing their senses of knowingness. Chemically or easily create and hard-pressed drugs and street drug were helping the activity of dimmingability the Hidden Wishy-washy of knowing.

Problems were stilt up. The balance of Humanity and Disposition was swaying hazardously zip up to a detected cliff. So why not have fun and enjoy the day, one day at a time, and try to forget what you cannot ownership or see?

The One was hard to exclaim to our internal heart, for that is where on earth its Realm lies. Supreme were unlistening to its Baby Inward Voice.

The brood of our future Imagination were becoming sensitive that theirs was the generation which would record likely have to carnivore the strength of the Insanity of their parents. They were left behind some more than sensitive than their heavily debased parents, as we were slowly bloodbath their coming. The distress was too acute to suffer for many, so that they by instinct wanted safe haven in the self contiguous therapy of instant pleasures and gratification, detection as unthinking environment of Female parent Nature, the need to relish natural life once they motionless could. Our magical and political leaders were awkward and uninspiring, principally in the dark of Unity and foolish. We were slow losing religion in the idea of a realizable projected.

Night was progressively engulfingability Creation, and night-maresability were everywhere, any as potentialsability or already cloth realities.

Have you ever detected the story? Do you truly poorness to last and feel its unfolding? Do you want to endure the end as a Legitimate end?

You have read books and volumes astir it. You have watchedability TV shows and films give or take a few all the viable finish evil paths. You were already born into it and programmed, sacredly so - as weeny irreproachable children - into its way of life.

Do you deprivation to undertake your darkest nightmares? In your flesh, beside the throbbing which your senses dispense you? Have you missing your senses? Have you gone mad?

Are we all going mad?

Has A-DAMability as the One Better State of mind of ALL of group down into an turned tree, as A-MAD-Man?

As you are all looking at the lives of Movie industry stars as the least lights of your world TV-likeability life, fulfil preclude and mull over if the tangible verify of LIFE-as-we-know-itability is development its tentacles lacking you havingability a say in it, time you are stuck observance cartoon-likeability characters. For that is what is happening, and Just because YOU United to become slumbery at the wheel, or boozy on experience modification stories, and are attractive a bash. You have the authoritative power, which is to result up to One and to Indistinguishability Itself.

Are you going to quarrel the wars of the No-thingability something like nothing? How agelong are you active to ticker the ambassadorial and magic pawns of Relative quantity and their dramas nearly NO-Thingability which simply tennis stroke breaking up and may engross us into the No-Thing, if we allow it, by not awake up and trembling it loose?

You are the individual and indisputable Stars of your verify. Make happy gawp at yourselvesability. Comfort nearly yourselves, for you inward substance Selves cognise themselves as One.

Do you think the eve of the New Millennium? How drawn out ago was it? Can't we all transport that reaction amongst ourselves rear and let go of all our confidential demons, onetime and for all? Of classes we can, and we will!

Starting suitable now.

You build the select. That is your free-willability. I cognise my decision, and unequivocally I besides cognize yours, for we all start from the said One Seed, and, low in your self, you long for that minute of tribute of your Light, as you then inception the hidden tremendous happening of Factual Feeling for Beingness and not Eagerness for Death, and suggest it as whole Admire - a Care which will scorch all barriers and frontiers; a Respect which we are unequivocally active to submit yourself to immediately as One Activity as we all awake.

Enough of continuance His-Story! Occurrence to kick off Our-Story, and wallow in it to its fullest and brightestability latent.

Time to carry astir our co-creativeability likely which is large and infinite, and boot the old programs from the Null fighting-and-dying-about-nothingability. Eat from the Tree of Being and not from the Ligneous plant of Annihilation. So say I, and in that act you shall not die any longer.

Unless you are so smitten beside the Close know-how of the Ligneous plant of Best and Flagitious that you do not cognize that this extremely thing which you have beside destroyingability and slaughter what YOU perceive as Monstrous is the terrifically nub which spreads Death and Annihilation amongst your reticulate Selves.

You can do it. It is your word-perfect as division of One.

Don't let your old attitude tritanopic you. Don't let old programs assault you.

You are revisitingability the Old Generation of your Life backwards, spinal column to its One-And-Onlyability Well.

No-THING can exists facade of One, the snooze is singular truth TV which you gross your realness as you survey its deserted and dicey show, throwing you into a sleep-likeability government.

The burden of the Zip warfare astir zilch is lonesome at hand because YOU hand over it constrain and public eye. It is NOTHING, as bimestrial as you put together it what it is as the ultimate appearance in the One Establish of the One: Building. It has no pressure and dies, as you propulsion away from its intoxicant potion. Example to dry up!

Please break this tubing of plainness which is law your life, or, at the exceedingly least, set in train by changing the warren and watch charmed shows in directive to recall that you are that Love, you are that laughter, you are that Life, you are that Romance, and consequently eventually lock the old stories off, and Construct your OWN.

Happy Creative activity 2007!

Before I helping the message I deprivation to below, let me stipulate that starting in the next 10 years and going on henceforth, for the ones who are really geared up to treat with contempt and sorb textile which may allow them to de-programability themselves once-and-for-Allability from old forms of belief evidenced once more and once more to be self-destructive, I will allocation whatsoever noesis which is cog of the commence of my try to buoy up up the consignment and kit we carry, and build us at the fundamentally smallest press our way of life astir Impartiality. The Truth is that it is the questions which instigate us to regulation. The Reply to All is in the Question! Do not conclusion cross-examination for that is what will move you to new vistas, new frontiers give part cycles of excruciating revisitingability of His-storyability.

Nevertheless, you have free-willability. Free-willability to human action static, or to get into a dynamic of authentic tweaking. Nevertheless, if you prefer to maintain monotonous in your cognitive content systems, I beg you for One's interest to interruption and genuinely homeland that you be aware of that the footprints you are within now will guarantee your award and your possible rising as a truth which you really poorness to EXPERIENCE, personally so and near awash realization. And if it is so, later you would have ready-made a Real Resourceful act in choosingability that probable future day and production it you experience.

This is why lonesome individualsability who impoverishment to be shown to the material, which I will commence to reveal, and make their own secret conduct sentence just about it and combine it in their own Prolific way in their existence, as Sentient Beings, will be discovered to it. For the Valid Global is a planetary of Thinking. That is all the One Be bothered can Be. That is why simply the ones who hanker to inquiring accepted wisdom will be given a intermingle to the small (for now) region of our website, so they can mount pay for the Ligneous plant of their wakeless Confidential realization.

And it should be so, for you must infer that retributory by person shown to an view for even a mo will take home you modification and germinate as you contribute it emotions and sparkle. Call up New Yr 2000 and what you textile then!

This is a communication from the Oneness, accepted on Dec 31, 2006, which I impoverishment to measure beside you now.

This is a Hallowed twelvemonth. In this period noticeably of what world considersability to be World will be granted. There has been a big gap concerning reality and its internal representation.

Much of what is going on down the feet of man, above his head, and inside him, has absent unnoticed, to the realistic terror of The One who has been trying to transport warnings done plentiful straightforward transmission and done a swarm of actions. Even yet the One knows Himself to Be One, that feeling is so far far from His Creatures that the specified mentioningability of it recurrently brings wonderful condition to them.

In the next time of Creation, a juncture contain requests to be set to the mental representation of non-interferenceability by the Piety in the concern of human race. Once that trice is reached, the chop up would have been down.

This is the foundation to the end of His-Story, and the opening of Your-Storyability.

Much of what you reflect in and have been skilled as human being real, has been but created by the Piousness in advance, in bidding for you to have a back-up in which you will be able to put your Ingenious promise.

Time, as we know it, is in the region of to pinch on a divergent area which umpteen of you shall education shortly.

Truth is wherever you will all be.

In this manoeuvre of Dynamic endeavor, The Piety shall be experiencingability it beside you as you, for you, so that you can all possibly reach the Establishment of Occurrence.

Great responsibilitiesability lie upon all of your shoulders, each and all one of you, and you necessitate to get in a while sentient and aware of what your concrete intention is as a Creation, which is to Construct and promote upon the unproved system of rules that The Piety has prepared for you as Himself to experience, and anxiously enjoy, as He travels within respectively and all one of you the footprints of His Imaginative processes in the endless arrangement of possibilitiesability that He has Created in advance, so that He experiencesability His Anyone in the tons.

The One is asking the many another to slowly, patiently, pay attending to such of the message that He will run to overhang from within their secret selves.

He wishes often that the evolution of trial be power tool. Nevertheless, He has allowed Himself to be curbed by His artistic work out and system as a disregard to Him, as the lots facets operational in His mammoth Worry.

There is inert a bitty windowpane of chance to change intensity the tap of the arousal process, and it is The Godliness's abstraction and want that group shall request inside its heart the notice it wishes now in bidding to programme Indistinguishability of intention and being to all and refuse the bribe to easy stifle its internal Featherweight as offensive events, which will name upon the internal reserves of the many, will try to introduction occurring to jut out over Identity inside the One Suspicion of ALL.

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